Symposium Reports

The Symposium Working Groups spent the past year collaborating to identify barriers, tackle complex challenges, and generate new insights to advance the field of edtech research and evaluation. Through surveys, interviews, and case studies, working groups explored issues such as how edtech decisions are made in K-12 and higher education and how companies and investors view and use research.

The Symposium Working Groups’ final reports summarize these findings and their implications for the role of efficacy research in the development, adoption, and implementation of edtech moving forward.

Working Group A
The Role of Research in K12 District Decision-Making
Working Group B
The Role of Research in Higher Ed Decision-Making
Working Group C
Research Spending & the Most Popular EdTech Products
Working Group D
Evidence and Quality of Efficacy in Research Approaches
Working Group E
Institutional Competence in Evaluating Efficacy Research
Working Group F
Investors & Entrepreneurs
Working Group G
The Goals and Roles of Federal Funding for EdTech Research
Working Group H
Education Philanthropies
Working Group I
EdTech User Voice
Working Group J
Crowdsourcing Efficacy Research and Product Reviews
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